A complete review of the Acegmet YJ256 thermal camera | 2022

The Acegmet YJ256 is a thermal camera which beats its competition in the same price range in terms of IR resolution, framerate and temperature range.

PROS: High IR Resolution, Wide temperature range, IP65 waterproof rating.

CONS: Slightly smaller screen.
A complete review of the Acegmet YJ256 thermal camera | 2022

ProductTypeResolutionBattery capacityWaterproofLCD screenPrice

Acegmet YJ256

Acegmet YJ256
Handheld256 x 1925000 mAh rechargeable Lithium battery (4 hour charging time)Yes2.8″ Click for more info

Acegmet YJ256 Specifications

Resolution256 x 192
Pixels49,152 pixels
Temperature range-4 to 1022°F (-20 to 550°C)
Accuracy+/- 2% / 2 C
Thermal sensitivity0.15° C
Storage Type16GB micro SD Card
Battery capacity5000 mAh rechargeable Lithium battery (4 hour charging time)
LCD screen2.8″
Refresh rate25 Hz
ApplicationsHome, Cars Inspections, Electrical Panels Check, HVAC Problems, Water Damage
View Angle50° x 38°

Acegmet YJ256 – Specs & Review

The Acegmet YJ256 is a rugged handheld thermal camera. It is equipped with a thermal sensor and a visual camera in order to provide the best possible image quality. There’s also an LED flashlight for dark areas. This is to support the visual camera of course. It can capture and store the thermal images on its in-built SD Card and you can download them via its USB-C port.

This camera is basically the 2022 updated version of their standard model which provided a lower resolution. The design is nearly identical and all that’s changed is on the inside.

Acegmet YJ256 – Thermal imaging quality

So let’s have a look at the visual and thermal imaging quality. First of all, the IR resolution of this infrared camera is 256 x 192 pixels, which brings it to a massive total of 49,152 thermal pixels. Now you need to understand something, this doesn’t just beats its competitors in this price range, it completely destroys them. Most thermal cameras in this price range will offer 19,200 pixels and with this you literally get 2.5x times more. I can’t overstate the importance of having as many thermal pixels available as possible and the YJ256 performs exceptionally here.

Now when you add in the visual camera as well, it is clear that it is way ahead of its competitors in terms of infrared thermal imaging quality. Now we get to another very strong point and that is the refresh rate. This compact thermal imaging camera has a 25 Hz refresh rate which is greatly superior to what you can expect from ANY thermal camera. But it is because of US laws rather than technical capabilities. Flir can make a 60 FPS camera if they want, but they can’t because they’re subject to EAR export regulations that explicitly state they need to make consumer cameras with refresh rates under 9Hz. Acegmet on the other side apparently is not subject to those laws. The framerate is so smooth, you won’t want to go back to 9Hz anytime soon.

Acegmet YJ256 – Temperature Range, Accuracy

The camera can react to a difference in temperature as small as 0.15 C, this is also known as thermal sensitivity. Now here it doesn’t fare as well because for this price you can get a camera with a 0.07 C sensitivity. Lower is better in this respect.

Then there is the temperature range and here it can measure anything between -4 to 1022°F (-20 to 550°C). It has a strong advantage over other cameras since it has a range that is almost 60% wider, so if you are going for high thermal temperature measurement, this is the one to go for.

The accuracy is more or less on par with a +/-2 C accuracy. Any infrared thermal imager camera within this price range will offer the same value. The field of view is a bit narrow on the horizontal scale since it only provides a 50 degree viewing angle as opposed to the average of 54 that you would expect.

Acegmet YJ256 – Battery life & Memory

The thermal images are stored on a 16GB SD Card and given that these images are very small in size, you probably will never have to delete any images throughout the lifespan of this device. Acegmet states that it can actually hold about 50,000 images.

Along with the fact that you can capture thermal images, you can also view them on its 2.8″ LCD screen. Now is this screen size up to par? Not really, because for this price you can get many other cameras with at least a 3.2″ display.

Now in terms of software, you pretty much get all the basics like the ability to view thermal and visual images fused together, separately or Picture-in-Picture. There are 7 color palettes to choose from: contrast rainbow, red heat, white heat, rainbow, iron oxide red, lava, and black heat.

It is also a thermal imager camera with IP65 waterproof resistance meaning that even if you were to splash it with water, it would still work. This is a trait that all Acegmet cameras seem to share as standard.

The battery takes about 4 hours fully charge and it is pretty big, it is a 5000 mAh rechargeable Lithium battery.

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