We review the PION POWER Flex-AC EV Charger | 2022

The PION POWER is a fast EV charging station for your home which is completely waterproof and has wifi connectivity together with an app to monitor it.

PROS: Fast charging speeds, Wifi & Smartphone app, NEMA 4 waterproof.

CONS: Cable could be a a few feet longer.
We review the PION POWER Flex-AC EV Charger | 2022

ProductAmp ratingLevelCable LengthNemaPowerPrice

PION POWER Flex AC – EV Charging Station (40 Amp)

PION POWER Flex AC - EV Charging Station (40 Amp)
40 AmpLevel 1 & Level 222 feetNEMA 14-50 & NEMA 5-159.6 kWClick for more info

PION POWER Flex AC – EV Charging Station (40 Amp) Specifications

Amp rating40 Amp
LevelLevel 1 & Level 2
TypeEV Charging Station
Cable Length22 feet
NemaNEMA 14-50 & NEMA 5-15
Power9.6 kW
ConnectorType 1 (J1772)
IP RatingNEMA 4 / IP66
Display1 LED light
What’s in the box
Weight17.61 lbs

PION POWER Flex AC – EV Charging Station (40 Amp) Charging specifications

I will never understand why so many EV charging station manufacturers insist on calling their charger “Flex”. It is most likely inspired by the most popular EV charging station on the market, the ChargePoint Home Flex. Still, you would expect other makers to be more creative in their naming. The ChargePoint Flex is so popular because it is a very well designed device, not because of its name.

But let’s look at the EV charger itself. This is a Level 1 & Level 2 charger because it can work on outlets from 110V to 240V. So when you plug it into a 5-15 it’s going to work as a Level 1 charger. This is quite a rare feature for a charging station since this is more often found on portable chargers.

But let’s look at the estimated charging time: When running at full power, it will deliver 9.6 kW of power to your electric vehicle, meaning that if you drive a Tesla Model 3 which has an 82 kwh battery pack, it will charge it from 20% to 100% in about 8 hours. This is truly a fast charger for the home.

PION POWER Flex AC – EV Charging Station (40 Amp) Cable types and connectors

The charging cable on the PION POWER is 22 feet long which is very close to the 25 feet standard that you’ll normally find with most chargers on the market.

Because this is a Level 1 and Level 2 charger, it comes with 2 different connectors to help you plug it into your home: There’s a NEMA 5-15 plug for when you want to use it as a Level 1 charger, the advantage being that you don’t have to install any special outlets but you’ll obviously have much slower charging rates and then there is the NEMA 14-50 connector which will max out its power.

The connector that plugs into your electric car is a standard SAE J1772 plug. That one is the standard for all EVs in North America and that includes Tesla vehicles which come with a proprietary port but also a J1772 adapter.

PION POWER Flex AC – EV Charging Station (40 Amp) Features

Now one of the great things about the PION POWER Flex AC is that it is wifi-connected, meaning you can control it via a smartphone app which shows you real-time data on the charging process including the amperage, voltage, the temperature of the unit, for how long it has been charging and of course the battery level in your EV. Along with that, you do get a log of your entire charging history to keep track of things.

There’s also the ability to schedule charging times and this is really helpful because it lets you take full advantage of off-peak electricity which is usually much cheaper.

The device also has a NEMA 4 rating (IP66) meaning that it is completely suitable for outdoor installation. The idea is that you need to keep charging even when it rains or snows outside. Only about 15% of homes in the US even have a garage so this becomes even more important.

As for the casing itself, it has a modern and minimalistic design, no LCD on the front.

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