Leviton EV320 | Our full 2023 review.

The Leviton EV320 is a Home EV Charging Station which can deliver decent charging speeds, but has a low weatherproof rating together with a shorter cable and warranty.

PROS: Good charging speeds.

CONS: Only NEMA 3R rating, short cable.
Leviton EV320 | Our full 2023 review.

ProductAmp ratingLevelCable LengthNemaPowerPrice

Leviton EV320 – EV Charging Station (32 Amp)

Leviton EV320 - EV Charging Station (32 Amp)
32 AmpLevel 218 feetHardwired7.6 kWClick for more info

Leviton EV320 – EV Charging Station (32 Amp) Specifications

Amp rating32 Amp
LevelLevel 2
TypeEV Charging Station
Cable Length18 feet
Power7.6 kW
ConnectorType 1 (SAE J1772)
IP RatingNEMA 3R (IP14)
DisplayLED Indicator
FeaturesRFID Charging (Optional but free)
What’s in the box
Weight12.79 (Entire package)

Leviton EV320 – EV Charging Station (32 Amp) Charging specifications

This is the Leviton EV320, a 32-Amp Home EV Charging Station. It can deliver 7.6 kW of power to your electric vehicle which means that standard range models should charge overnight easily while longer range will require just a tiny bit more.

Leviton EV320 – EV Charging Station (32 Amp) Cable types and connectors

The Leviton EV320 comes with a charging cable that is 18 feet long. Now that is well on the short side of things because usually an EV Charger should have about 25 feet of cable available. For some special situations, you might want to look into extending it. Now because this is a tethered charger, you can’t replace the cable with a longer or shorter one and instead you need to purchase an extension cord. There are plenty of those on Amazon, you can add up to 30 feet of cable to your charger.

It uses a Type 1 SAE J1772 connector to hook up to your electric vehicle, the standard throughout North America with the notable exception of Tesla cars which come with their own proprietary port but also a J1772 adapter.

Now to hook it up to your home circuit, you’ll need to hardwire it since it doesn’t come with a NEMA connector. That should be easy to do by a licensed electrician.

Leviton EV320 – EV Charging Station (32 Amp) Features

The Leviton is a very basic charger since it doesn’t come with any of the cool smart features that you would expect to find on newer models. This makes it easy to use, but might leave one wanting more. You can’t schedule charging times in order to avoid peak electricity prices and take advantage of cheap energy late into the night. However, you’ll be happy to know that your EV will most likely know how to do this already since it’s a commonly used function in electric vehicles.

Now there’s another thing to complain about, the fact that it only has a NEMA 3R rating which would be the equivalent of IP14. This means that you just can’t install it outdoors since rain or snow could damage it.

There’s an option to activate RFID charging which is free and we always appreciate free stuff. It makes sense for it not be active since most users won’t be using it and just want to plug in without any additional steps.

The device also lags a bit behind others in terms of the warranty period because usually, you’d get a 3-Year warranty but this only offers two.

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