Our complete review for the entire 7.3 kW range of the Project EV Charging Station | 2022

The Project EV Charging Station is an ambitious home charger with built-in smart features like Wifi, a smartphone app, RFID access (Some versions only) and 4G connectivity (On one version only). It delivers fast charging speeds and extensive remote control while being completely weatherproof.

PROS: Wifi Connectivity (All models), 4G (One model only), fast charging speeds, IP65 weatherproof, Tethered & Untethered versions, 5-Year warranty.

CONS: No tri-phase available.
Our complete review for the entire 7.3 kW range of the Project EV Charging Station | 2022

ProductAmp ratingLevelCable LengthNemaPowerPrice

Project EV – EV Charging Station (7.3 kW range)

Project EV - EV Charging Station (7.3 kW range)
32 AmpLevel 2No Cable (5m cable available on EVA-07S-PE-RFID version)Hardwired7.3 kWClick for more info

Project EV – EV Charging Station (7.3 kW range) Specifications

Amp rating32 Amp
LevelLevel 2
TypeEV Charging Station
Cable LengthNo Cable (5m cable available on EVA-07S-PE-RFID version)
Power7.3 kW
ConnectorType 2
ConnectivityYes (Wifi on all versions, 4G available only on EVA-07S-SE-RFID-4G)
IP RatingIP65
DisplayLED Indicator
FeaturesSolar Charging (All versions),
4G control (EVA-07S-SE-RFID-4G only)
What’s in the box
WeightUnder 5kg (Device only)

Project EV – EV Charging Station (7.3 kW range) Charging specifications

This is the Project EV charger, a smart home charging station which can deliver 32 Amps of current to your electric vehicle. This means that it has a power rating of 7.2 kW, enough for it to fully charge most EVs in one night. Now please not that this is a single-phase AC Charger not a DC Charger which means you can’t expect it to fully charge your EV in 2 hours.

Project EV – EV Charging Station (7.3 kW range) Cable types and connectors

The charging station doesn’t come with a car charging cable because this is an untethered model, however there is the EVA-07S-PE-RFID version which is tethered and does come with a 5m cable.

It uses a Type 2 connector which is the standard throughout Europe and will fit all electric cars produced on the continent. It will also work with Tesla cars, but you’ll need to get an adapter for that. Now to install it at home, you’ll need to know it doesn’t come with a plug, instead you need to hardwire it. This isn’t a hard process and any licensed electrician should easily be able to do this for you if you don’t want to bother.

Project EV – EV Charging Station (7.3 kW range) Features

Now we need to talk about features and here is where all the different versions of this EV charger start to make sense. So, the first one would be the RFID card feature which can limit access to a limited number of users. This is available on the EVA-07S-SE-RFID, EVA-07S-SE-RFID-4G and the EVA-07S-PE-RFID.

Then there is a model which has built-in 4G connectivity and that is the EVA-07S-SE-RFID-4G. Now what you need to know is that regardless of which one you buy, you will get Wifi connectivity and you can connect to it via the smartphone app they provide. The app will provide real-time EV charging info on how much power is delivered to the car and the battery status along with a log of all your past charging sessions. You can also do scheduled charging so that you avoid peak prices on electricity throughout busier parts of the day. Usually most EVs come with this feature built-in but it’s more simple to control it via the charging app.

It is also worth noting that all the Project EV chargers come with an IP65 rating and this means that they are waterproof as well as dustproof. You can easily install them outside and they’ll keep charging your vehicle in the rain and snow. There’s also a cable lock system so that nobody can disconnect and take away your cable. The people at Project EV also mention the fact that it doesn’t require an earthing rod.

It has the ability to do load management which means that it will adjust the charging rate so that the power doesn’t drop on your home circuit but also solar charging on all versions (Stated as Solar Compatibility) which allows you to charge your car only when the solar panels on your roof are producing energy.

One of the things that make this Project EV electric vehicle charger stand out is the fact that it comes with a 5-year warranty. This is way more than the standard 3-Year that you would get with chargers that are in the same price range.

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